Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Reducing environmental impact and improving efficiency

Ford Mobility is contributing to building the future sustainable urban logistics with a new generation of cleaner vehicles, new mobility goods delivery initiatives and fleet management tools. The pressure to develop mobility solutions in urban areas is growing due to air quality and congestion issues, population increases and the rise in local deliveries mainly contributed to by online sales.

Last Mile

Last Mile Delivery

Frequent short journeys, such as those completed by delivery drivers are a major contributor to city congestion, pollution and crowding of the kerb space. Online shopping and van-driving businesses helped to contribute £125.2 billion (€145 billion) to the UK economy in 2017 – a 32 per cent increase since 2012, and it is estimated to double in the next ten years. We are designing a more sustainable and efficient way to deliver these parcels.

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Urban Electric Vehicle

The Urban Electric Vehicle is one of the first initiatives of Ford’s global electrification plan to deliver 40 electrified vehicles by 2022. To better understand how cities and fleets can optimise electrification, Ford Mobility have been trialling plug-in-hybrid Transits across Europe. The data collected has allowed us to understand optimal charging patterns and total fleet benefits to encourage adoption of electrified fleets.

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Urban Electric Van
Ford Comercial Solutions

Ford Commercial Solutions

Ford Commercial Solutions provides two unique connectivity services. Both designed to provide powerful; information, insights and solutions that help fleet customers run their businesses more efficiently. Ford Data Services offers users access to a broad range of Ford manufacturer grade data, which can be used with existing fleet management software or via a third party Telematics Service Provider. Whereas, Ford Telematics delivers Ford data through our intuitive web based application, packed with productivity tools, proactive alerts and a smart dashboard.

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Dynamic Routing Solutions

Transloc is a microtransit solution that gives transit agencies the tools needed to efficiently schedule and dispatch rides, and use data to improve the rider experience. Transloc’s cloud-based software and partner pilot program help agencies define, design, and test their microtransit services while concurrently evaluating how the service impacts their larger mobility systems.

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Dynamic Routing Solutions

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