Last mile delivery

Last Mile Delivery

A new urban multimodal goods delivery system.

Frequent short journeys, such as those completed by delivery drivers, are increasing in cities. And with the growth in online shopping, the number of parcels being delivered is expected to double in the next ten years. We want to find a more efficient way of delivering these parcels.

Last-mile - The solution

The Solution

The Last Mile project is a cloud-based software solution that helps delivery companies organise their operations and coordinate their drivers to meet a local cyclist or pedestrian, breaking the journey of parcels into multiple modes. The delivery van can then be used as a dynamic delivery hub where couriers collect parcels to deliver in the local area.

The Technology

After a list of deliveries is received at the depot, our product kicks into action. A smart algorithm plans and organises every stage of a parcels journey from depot to door communicating the action to the sorting team, drivers and the active couriers in the field through a smart phone app. The app enables easy communication between all users as well as an interface which supports parcel traceability.

Last Mile - The technology
Last mile - The Outcome

The Outcome

The Ford Mobility Last Mile Delivery project delivers an operational model that has the potential to reduce city congestion, improve air quality and drive up productivity of delivery vans. A solution that ensures citizens get their deliveries in a sustainable manner, improves city flow and enables operational efficiency for delivery companies.


What opportunites does Last Mile Delivery present? 

  • Helps improve van productivity and business efficiency, increasing the number of parcels delivered per van
  • Can potentially reduce overall business impact on congestion and air quality
  • Possibility to provide narrower window of delivery time to the customer
  • Possibility of improving same day delivery services
  • Door step experience for the customer enhanced as the porters can put all energy into greetings and handover, without the worry of finding parking to leave a vehicle
  • Multimodal delivery services can potentially unlock new types of job profiles to a wider range of people
Last Mile Delivery

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