Urban Electric Van

Urban Electric vehicle

A practical solution for sustainable commercial vehicle transport in cities

Commercial vehicles keep our cities functioning, and can account for a huge proportion of inner city traffic. That’s why we want to make sure they are as efficient as possible for both the city and the businesses who run them. The electrification technology is coming, but how do we make sure it keeps businesses on the move, with little impact on operations?

Urban Electric Van - The solution

The Solution

To help reduce the impact of commercial vehicles on our environment, we are launching the Ford Transit Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV). Ford Mobility continue to run trials with fleet customers in London, Cologne and Valencia to understand the opportunities electrification presents to businesses, and where there are limitations that need to be addressed to ensure overall fleet adoption.

The Technology

The PHEV Transit can be charged with mains electricity for zero-emissions when driving, whilst the EcoBoost engine generates additional charge for the batteries when required. This means the vehicle can be run solely on electric power when operating in ultra-low emissions zones. As part of the fleet trials, Ford collected data off the vehicles to identify charging patterns and driving styles, as well as qualitative reviews from the drivers and fleet managers on how electrification impacted business operations.

Urban Electric Vehicle - The technology
Urban Electric Vehicle - The Outcome

The Outcome

The trial has enabled us to understand how fleets can adapt operations to make electrification work for them. On top of that, it has built confidence with the fleets that even with an electrified vehicle, they can continue on like business as usual. The research has also provided as a tool to show cities the real life impact of electrification on businesses.

What oportunities does the Urban Electric vehicle present?

  • Confidence built with fleets and drivers that electrification can work for them
  • Ideal for general purpose commercial vehicle city work
  • Ablity to provide the flexibility business require to deliver both goods and passengers out to the suburbs as and when required
  • Proofing of the Ford PHEV Transit product to be successful for businesses who need to regularly enter the city
  • Practical electric vehicle with fewer compromises on payload and volume
Click the links below to find further information on Ford's Urban Electric vehicles.

Transit Custom PHEV Tourneo Custom PHEV

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