Intelligent solutions to optimise city parking


Towns and cities can no longer build their way out of the traffic problem. Opportunities to develop core urban infrastructure are limited, particularly in Europe. Cities must optimise the usage of existing infrastructure, and to do this have to utilise new technologies and leverage data to efficiently use existing kerbside assets. Ford Mobility can enable cities to unlock the potential of the kerb.

Kerbside - the solution

The Solution

Digital Kerbspace is a suite of bespoke solutions that has been developed in collaboration with city and local government partners to manage their kerbspace more effectively. Previous and current work includes digitally mapping city on-street parking, a parking guidance app for drivers, and using live vehicle data to identify empty parking spaces nearby. These solutions can help cities to optimise their kerb assets, enhance revenues and improve traffic flow.

The Technology

Ford Mobility is leveraging its in-house data analytics team to develop city parking management platforms that provide deep insights into the kerb usage. For example, Ford Mobility carried out a trial with a London borough where resident’s vehicles were connected to help identify empty parking spaces. Additionally, Ford Mobility digitally mapped on-street parking in London and developed the parking guidance app, GoPark. These insights can allow cities to increase the impact of their policy decisions and help them allocate resources efficiently and effectively.

For more information please visit the GoPark website.

Kerbside - The technology
Kerbside - the outcome

The Outcome

Using and managing the kerb has become a challenge for both the citizen and the city. Through its collaborative development approach, Ford Mobility strives to empower cities to identify and build parking solutions, and make data-driven policy decisions that benefit the city and its citizens.

What opportunities does Kerbside present?

  • Gain insights and make data-driven policy decisions regarding kerbspace utilisation
  • Orchestrate kerb space assets to help improve operating efficiency
  • Collaborate with Ford Mobility on future kerbspace management solutions
  • Potential to reduce congestion and improve air quality by reducing the time vehicles spend looking for parking
  • Potential to improve economic growth with solutions that make finding parking for businesses more efficient

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