City Priorities

City Priorities

Sustainable urban mobility in Europe

Cities across Europe are facing a variety of challenges, from ageing infrastructure, to rapid economic and population growth. Ford Mobility recognises these challenges, and that’s why Ford is evolving. We’re expanding to become an automotive and mobility company, using technology to help keep European cities moving.

European Agenda Priorities

Cities are the engines of economic growth and home to over 60% of the European population. This means the challenges facing our urban areas don’t only affect their residents, but can seriously hinder a country’s economy. Ford Mobility is developing new transport initiatives to create more sustainable mobility across Europe.

Ford Mobility recognises the multiple challenges cities face today and is working collaboratively with cities to find technical solutions to the following priorities:

Air Quality

Air Quality

In recent years, air quality and its health impacts have rapidly moved up the political agenda. The majority of larger European cities regularly fail to meet minimum EU Air Quality standards. With a new generation of smart vehicles and mobility products, we want to help create a cleaner and quieter future.



There are more people on our roads than ever. And an increasing number of them are using micro mobility solutions, such as bikes and scooters. With an integrated approach to road safety, including improved vehicle connectivity and safety technology, we believe we can help make roads safer for users.



Congested roads can impact quality of life, economic efficiency and air pollution. And with the growth in ride-hailing services and delivery vehicles, the traffic on our roads is increasing. With a smart, data-driven approach, we believe many issues surrounding city congestion can be alleviated.

Liveable city

Liveable City

We’re committed to helping make cities more liveable. Widespread initiatives all over the world aim to improve city environments by protecting green spaces and reclaiming streets. More road space is being given over to cyclists and pedestrians and, with products like Microtransit and Spin, we’re helping to give residents more options to get around their cities than ever before.

Economic Growth

Economic Growth

An efficient transportation infrastructure is fundamental to a city’s economic wellbeing, and the efficiency of the transportation network is ever more critical with populations rising. The public and private sector working together will deliver the changes needed to reduce the stress on the networks.




Smart cities generate big data. And the ability to collect and analyse that data, from both vehicles and city infrastructure, can help policy makers and city planners prepare for the future. The intelligent use of data can deliver improved transportation services, reduce costs for local governments and fleet operators, and enhance city environments.

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