Ford Mobility: Helping the World Move Smarter

Helping the world move smarter

Ford Mobility designs, grows and invests in emerging mobility services and connectivity solutions. Our aim is to deliver new transport initiatives and address urban transportation challenges.

As the global population grows, more people are moving into cities. And the way they move around their cities is changing faster than ever. Using technology, innovation and a collaborative approach, we want to improve the way people and goods move.

With our mobility business, we’re using the same customer centric approach as when we design and build cars and vans. Putting individual citizen priorities first to build the best solutions for the city.

Our Solutions


Modern cities increasingly generate a vast amount of data- from vehicles, passengers and the on-street infrastructure. All this data can be combined and analysed to create entirely new insights that could help cities move more efficiently.




Commercial vehicles drive millions of miles every day servicing the needs of the city. Our new connected vehicles and services can help drivers to move and work more efficiently, helping them reduce their impact on the environment.



We believe that solving a mobility issue for one person brings us a step closer to solving them for everyone. These tools and services are designed to complement existing urban transportation systems to improve how you move around your city.


Autonomous Vehicles

The future of urban transport will be driven by connected, artificially intelligent vehicles. We are developing products focused on connectivity and integration. We are working with cities to prepare for a complex transportation ecosystem.


Ford Mobility Values

People first

People first

For over a century Ford has delivered affordable transportation, always putting people first. Today, we continue to deliver, using the technology of tomorrow. By helping, a bus driver, a city planner, or anyone else, we step closer to helping everyone.

Trusted Partner

Trusted partner

We don’t drop solutions into cities overnight. We develop long-term relationships based on trust, and seek to fully understand the issues facing a city. Then, we can develop unique solutions to those specific issues.

Creating Tomorrow

Creating tomorrow

Analysing data helps us to truly understand how we might move in the future. We want to help create more liveable cities with a greater focus on community.

Do the right thing

Doing the right thing

We take data seriously. We are always transparent on how we collect and use data, and only with consent. We commit to protect customers’ privacy and handle their data securely and responsibly as we explore new ways to deliver innovative solutions.

Global approach

Global approach

We take full advantage of Ford’s global scale. This gives us access to a pool of experts who are passionate about designing and building solutions and products that customers want.

Technology focused

Technology focused

Our teams of advanced researchers, engineers and data scientists are creating new connections between vehicle, urban transport and digital technology. Unlocking the possibilities of mobility data.

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